What we do

Oon of the most important of our services is support for mapping with Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) equipped with an autopilot and digital camera for aerial photography over smaller areas. The plane flies automatically over a pre-defined area of interest and takes photos on a regular grid. The resulting photos can be processed to produce detailed photo maps or even make accurate surface height measurements.

Our expertise

Many time-critical mapping and monitoring tasks can be done more effectively with small UAS than with conventional manned aircraft or point surveys In fact, this technology opens up many new applications for aerial survey where conventional methods would be impractical, too dangerous or prohibitively expensive. Our goal is to integrate modern UAS technology together with advanced data processing software into a highly automated system that can add additional value to your activities. We are proud to offer our Aerial Mapping System Services (AMSS) as a tum-key solution for geospatial data providers and end users. For image processing, modeling, digitization and simulation of objects and scenes, etc., we use Agisoft PhotoScan. LSS is also the sole reseller of Agisoft in the Republic of Moldova. More information, you can find at Agisolt.