Land Support Systems firmly believes that to be a competitive and successful organization in the era of globalization and shrinking markets an entity has to lay equal importance on its staff, methods and equipment. The resources currently available with the Land Support Systems are presentd under 3 main categories:  Manpower, Hardware and Software and Methods.

Manpower Staff Resources

2013-11-08-0499LSS understand that the success and efficiency of the organization is due to the value and competence of its staff. Investing in human capital development, we can produce real competitive advantage. Our values are: competence, professionalism and integrity.  An important role in our company and is the integration of new employees. Our duty is to ensure a warm friendly atmosphere and to insure good working conditions and to highlight the most important aspects.

The company staff is highly qualified and professional working, competent and a keen, which always tend to be trained. The competence of our employees is of vital strategic importance for the LSS. We believe exceptional human resources are essential in order to succeed. We are proud to say our employees have high expertise and qualifications and the vast majority have higher level education.

We are committed to employ talented people and support our employees to achieve their highest potential. The LSS are always on search for new expertise and great competencies.

The company goals are to increase employee skills through learning in order to achieve a higher level of performance, skills and knowledge. At the same time personal improving helps trained employees to fill higher positions in the organization.

Hardware and Software Resources


LSS is equipped with AMD and INTEL based GIS workstations following the industry standards. Our data files and databases are stored on Dell servers for high volume data management. Data stored on servers are protected with strict access privileges to allow access to only authorized users, which are working on relevant projects. All computers are maintained by our IT department and are up to date. Backups are taken from the servers at scheduled intervals and this is being monitored through frequent audits.


Land Support Systems has completed many surveying, cadastral, mapping, orthophoto, and DTM production projects. A number of then included also a significant IT component. Through the projects LSS has gained extensive experience in the design of a production flow, managing the production processes and ensuring a high quality output.

However, each project has to be treated individually. The clients have different interest and emphasis different aspects. Our approach is to serve the client and we have to meet his expectations, resp. specifications, not forcing the client to match our system. The existing quality assurance system is of hierarchical nature starting with General Procedures, Work Procedures and Work Instructions.

Quality Assurance is built into all aspects of the LSS approach and explicitly in the following manner: Adoption of industry standards and open systems ensures that only products that are widely used, tested, and subject to conversion management, established maintenance strategies, and complying with appropriate technical and quality standards are used in the project.