The main services that makes LSS unique in the Republic of Moldova us that we can perform mapping services use the AMSS system upon agreement. However we ofler also a multitude of other SERVICES. our mam focus being on the high quality of them.

Depending on customer requirements, we can offer:

  • 3D surface and terrain models;
  • Calculate the volumes of different objects (eg rock masses, biomass, etc.);
  • DTM/DSM analysis (slope. aspect, volume calculation. etc.);
  • 3D reconstruction (buildings, natural objects like trees);
  • Image classification and feature extraction;
  • Thematic and natural hazard mapping;
  • Any mapping and GIS related production activities;
  • l‘l’ system analysis, development and QC.

In addition we are always looking for new possibilities and application areas. If you have a special requirement that would require a custom solution. we are always willing to discuss the possibilities with you that could lead to a joint project for new development.