Key personnel

LSS is staffed with extremely capable and gifted experts in their respective domains. Details of key personnel are given bellow:

Gabriel Ionescu

Gabriel Ionescu is the founder and Managing Director of Land Support Systems. Gabriel is responsible for the development of the business to its current size. He contributes very significant organizational knowledge and business management skills to LSS.

Diana Suflet

Diana Suflet is the Financiar and Administrative Manager. Diana is a very experienced professionial, dedicated to our team even since 2007, as part of Blom Group. Diana’s experience in international environments insured a quality supervision on the management of our finances, insuring stability for our long term planning, proving very thorough forecasting skills.

Iulia Birca

Iulia Birca is the Production Manager of Land Support Systems. Iulia is a very dynamic and extremely capable manager which has been instrumental in successful managing various GIS data processing, Mapping, Lidar projects. Iulia became part of our team in 2010.

Victor Manciu

Victor Manciu is the GIS Department Head. Victor joined our team in 2011, as a fresh graduate from the Technical University in Chisinau. During the years, Victor became a very technical specialist, with multiple skills, including a wide range of GIS and CAD environments, but also Lidar or 3D stringing and PLS CADD modeling.

Zina Manciu

Zina Manciu is the Head of the Quality Control section. She joined our team in 2012, when she graduated the Technical University from Chisinau. Her high capacity of understanding and learning new things leaded her to become an important part of our team, insuring the high quality of our deliverbales. .